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NEW Aqua Kem® Green Concentrate for Caravan & Motorhome Toilets

New Aqua Kem® Green Concentrate is a very powerful and easy to use toilet fluid for the waste holding tank which offers the best performance for your Cassette- and Portable Toilet. 

Actually, Thetford Aqua Kem®  is the #1 toilet additive for mobile toilets worldwide!


  • Oustanding odour control
  • 2 1/2 times concentrated - saves space
  • Liquifies waste for easier tank emptying
  • Reduces gas build-up
  • 1 dose lasts up to 5 days

2½ times concentrated

A standard 150 ml dose of our original Aqua Kem Green or Aqua Kem Blue works well for up to 5 days. Only 60ml of Aqua Kem Green Concentrated is required for the same period of use. A 0.78L bottle of Aqua Kem Green Concentrated offers up to 13 dosages for 65 days of use,  This means the new Concentrated product range will deliver more power per drop in comparison with the original Aqua Kem.


New bottle design

After 50 years of Aqua Kem in the iconic Thetford bottle, Thetford have designed and developed a new small convenient bottle, keeping the familiar Thetford design language, but pulling it into the 21st century. This bottle is especially designed to match perfectly with the new Concentrated product range. With this new compact bottle you will gain more space in your storage and less weight to carry with you. This makes your life a lot easier.

improved trusted quality for your waste-holding tank

Comparing Aqua Kem Concentrated to the original Aqua Kem, several product aspects have been significantly improved. Two of the key changes are the improved liquefication for easier tank emptying and the stronger reduction of gas build-up. Thetford has also kept familiar features from the original Aqua Kem  such as the number of dosages and the universally loved fragrances. The odour control performance of Aqua Kem Concentrated products is at the same outstanding level as the original product range.

Waste holding tank additives reduce unpleasant odours and gas build-up, break down waste matter and prevent clogging. They also prevent deposits from sticking to the inside of waste tanks. Toilet additives are necessary to make mobile sanitation systems work trouble free.

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