CB510 - 10 AMP - 12 VOLT CHARGER

Product Code: CHCB510
Brand: CBE
Condition: New
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CBE CHARGERS are specifically designed for the motorhome, caravan and boating sectors; they are able to charge 12V gel or lead-acid batteries automatically. Switch Mode Battery Chargers. The battery charger can remain connected or be continuously on, as it automatically chooses the charging needs of the battery. CB500 series.The high frequency switching technology provides higher performance levels as well asa reduced weight and size.The CB510/516 switching battery charger can automatically charge 12 V lead batteries(lead-acid or gel). The battery charger is protected against overheating and the 12 Voutputs are protected against possible short circuits and polarity reversal.The charging process IUoU takes place in four stages:1) Battery charging with maximum current until the end-charge voltage is reached.NOTE: the end-charge voltage can only be reached if the battery is fully efficient.2) When the end-charge threshold is reached the battery charger continues to operatefor 90 minutes (lead-acid batteries) or 8 hours (lead-gel batteries) with constant voltage.3) Constant voltage holding at 13.8 V (gel batteries.) or 13.5 V (lead acid batteries.).4) After 10 hours, the battery charger switches to the Stand-by mode and begins tocharge again only when the battery voltage is lower than 13 V.

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