GAS IT TWIN 6kg Refillable Bottle Kit - 0.5m In Locker Fill

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 This is our comprehensive top quality GAS IT Twin 6kg Refillable Gas bottle kit for Caravans or Motorhomes with In Locker fill point system.

 Easy install and means you don't have to drill your vehicles external body to fit a fillpoint system. It also complies with all UK and EU requirements.

This complete GAS IT twin gas bottle kit comes with the following items making it the most complete twin refillable gas system available in one purchase :-

2 x GAS IT 6kg Red Refillable gas bottles with Level Indicators

1 x 0.5 mtr GAS IT JIC FAST FILL E67.01 OEM specification fill hose from bottle to fillpoint ( other lengths available)

1 x 0.5 mtr GAS IT JIC Fast Fill OEM specification E67.01 fill hose - bottle to bottle fill pipe

1 x GAS IT JIC MxMxF 'T' Piece - connects bottle to bottle fill pipe together

1 x UK Bayonet brass fillpoint will fill at most forecourt pumps and allows adaptor to be screwed on for other countries

1 X  Angled in Locker Fill Point Bracket

1 x Fillpoint Dust cover

We recommend you purchase 1 x GLS300 Gas leak detection spray - to test the installation for your peace of mind and safe, confirmed leak free pipe joins.

This GAS IT brand of 6kg Refillable gas bottle is fitted with auto shut off 80% fill float level and a content controlled level indicator on bottle outlet valve. Bottle comes with the standard refillable inlet elbow with JIC fitting identical to our other bottles and Gaslow, Caratank etc.

These Refillable gas bottles can be partnered up with the identical Gaslow type so you are sure of absolute compatibility should you decide to have more than one bottle fitted. This bottle also works with the Gaslow, Caratank and GAS IT fillpoints, hoses, fittings etc.

The specification of these 11kg refillable bottle is as follows :-

Fills to approximately 21 litres (at 80% full)

Height: 550mm x 304mm diameter

Empty Cylinder Weight: 11.9 Kg approx

Material: Steel

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