Product Code: BX017
Brand: C.A.K. Tanks
Condition: New
MPN: BX017
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INTERNAL INSULATED CAB WINDOW - THERMAL SCREENS TM With the renowned quality and customer confidence in the C.A.K. range of products, we developed a range of cab window insulation screens. We have maintained our traditional high quality manufacturing standards, while producing at a sensible cost. Here we present the C.A.K. Products newly upgraded internal and external Thermal Screens. Our Thermal Screens Keep your vehicle warm in the winter and cool in the summer! THE BEST JUST GOT BETTER BX 9 LAYER INTERNAL THERMAL SCREENS BX 9 layer silver insulated internal cab Thermal Screen kits come in sets of 3 pieces for Windscreen & 2 front Cab Doors with suction installation for most vehicles. New improved Thermal Screen material with 9 layers to provide better insulation than our traditional 5 layer screens. Our internal Thermal Screens are designed for use in summer or winter. They fit quick and easily with suction cups that hold onto glass strongly, while being easily popped off when you want. It is scientifically proven that three layers of aluminised film provide 100% insulation in the summer, reducing solar gain. Whats more the total thickness of 3 layers of 12 microns of Aluminium guarantees excellent insulation (the thickness normally applied to the windows of buildings is only 20 - microns). By combining this with 100gsm metalized film to also reflect heat and cold back through the glass, 100gsm of state of the art padding (the modern insulating material for ski-jackets, rescue blankets and technical uses), 3 x 1.5mm layers of expanded polyethylene foam and grey PVC nylon anti condensate inner fabric. We have therefore achieved outstanding winter insulation, eliminating more than 80% of condensation from windows. With the generous sizing of our Thermal Screens we ensure there are no cold gaps around the edges. Multiple layers also reflect the heat away in summer keeping the interior noticeably cooler.

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