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PROPEX 2800 MARINE AIR HEATER 1 OUTLET KIT 12V HEATSOURCE MARINE 2 OUTLET KIT CONTENTS Thermostatic wall control with harness. DC power harness. 1 x Hot air outlet directional. 2 m Hot air ducting 1 x open close air vent. 1 x Y piece 1 x Recirculation air vent, 1 X combined stainless steel marine combustion air inlet & exhaust thru hull flue terminal. 1m Combustion air pipe. 1m Heater exhaust pipe. 1 kit of fastenings. The 2.8 kW heaters running on 12 volt consume only 1.9 amps continuous and has gas usage of 225 grams per hour. So a 6kg Calor propane would heat for 26 hours continuous use. The 2.8kW heater is 420mm long x 210mm wide x 120mm high. Air throughput is 85 CFM. The Heatsource 2000 & 2800 are automatic, thermostatically controlled blown air heating systems fuelled by Propane or Butane gas. Heatsource is designed for a variety of automotive and marine applications as a source of heat totally independent of the engine. Combustion is of the forced air type, using a fan to draw air from the outside. This is then passed into the combustion chamber, where it mixes with gas and is automatically ignited by a spark. Gas is switched electronically with a solenoid valve, the flow controlled by a jet and the spark supplied by a high voltage ignitor housed within the heater. Optional Digital timer available. Due to the design and efficiency of the stainless steel burner and heat exchanger, output is high, combustion is clean and all waste products are exhausted externally. Cabin air is usually re-circulated and drawn via the main fan, passed over the three surfaces of the heat exchanger and blown into the cabin through ducting and hot air outlets. Cabin air is totally sealed from exhaust gases. The unit is a room-sealed appliance and operates on propane or butane gas. Comprehensive installation kits supplied with each heater are listed below. Marine kits include combined inlet & exhaust through hull skin fitting. Compact size high output heater. One of the quietest combustion heaters in production. Designed for reliable, maintenance free operation. Fast warm up time. Airflow sensing detects blocked or restricted flue pipes. Self-diagnostic fault finding with LED indication.

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